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     Dimitris Dimitriou founded the Law Firm in Athens in the late 60s. Today, Dimitriou & Associates Law Office is located inside a spacious, traditionally-designed building in the center of Athens, close to the tribunals (Supreme Court, Court of Appeal, First Instance Courts).
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     The partnership between Dimitris Dimitriou and the renowned criminologist Takis Spiliakos started in 2001. This came about as the result of a strong and trustworthy friendship that began back in 1959. The two main partners were members, among others, of the Supreme Court and practice law since 1968. Today Mr. Filippos Dimitriou, founder's son, is responsible of the office. Our 3 key caracteristics remain: Reliability, confidentiality, and effectiveness.
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     The Firm counts 10 lawyers and many external colleagues and experts. Among our lawyers, the sons of the two partners; Philip Dimitriou is responsible of the International Affairs Coordination. Each member of our staff has at least a degree in law followed by postgraduate studies in a specific area of Law. We collaborate with the Athenian University of Law and external colleagues to provide advice in many topics. Therefore, we are able to practice in various different areas of Greek and European Law. All European business languages are spoken.

     As our Office is comprised of efficient and reliable staff, we are capable of dealing with cases of all natures and we represent in Greece many foreign companies, especially multinational and italian. The most important of these cases concern commercial, penal, transportation, real estate and insurance law.

     Our Office exceeds European and American standards for services quality and is the exclusive member for Greece of the International Lawyers Network ( This Network is an association of over 85 high-quality, full-service Law firms with more than 4500 Lawyers worldwide and provides clients with easily accessible legal services in more than 60 countries. Through the ILN, our clients can rely on a single link to cover all their international business needs.