The Office
Civil & Commercial

Our Civil and Commercial Law branch is under Mr. Filippos Dimitriou responsibility and covers the following specialities:

Greek & European Litigation
International Private Law
Estate, Real Estate & Inheritance Law
Commercial and Company law
Contract Law & Agreements
Transports Law (Maritime, Terrestrial)
Aviation Law (aircraft operator certificate-AOC and commercial licences)
Insurance Law
Banking Law
Civil Law (Adoption, Divorce, Road Accidents...)
Intellectual Property, Patents & Copyright Law

Mr. Filippos Dimitriou

Our civil & commercial branch has handled with professionalism around 3000 cases so far.

Our rates & fees vary according to the case. We usually charge by the hour for research or legal advice. We can also give an estimate for a per case fee. Please contact us for further details or click here for an overview of our honoraria and payment methods.