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Key features of our Firm:

True Law Professionals beyong Greek standards.
Superior Quality Services since 1969 - thousands of satisfied clients.
Reliability: We will always act in your best interest; we never compromise with opponents unless you instruct us to do so.
Confidentiality: Your case gets the privacy you require; we will never divulgate your secrets.
Effectiveness: We never give up - we try until the end through carefully selected strategies and tactics.
We take every case seriously; every case has to be completed properly.
Speed: We try to act as fast as possible, thus reducing the justice costs for you.
7/7 days e-mail & telephone support: We check our e-mails 4 times a day and answer usually in less than 12hrs.
We all speak fluent English, French and Greek, while all business languages are spoken.
Excellent quality of services/fees ratio. Our honoraria are transparent and no hidden fees would incur.
Through the International Lawyers Network, you only need to contact us and we take care of the international aspect of your case.
We have trustworthy colleagues in more than 80 countries and have local and european expertise.
We can defend you in the most demanding cases, anywhere in Greece or on the European Courts.
Every case is handled by a minimum of 2 lawyers (at no extra charge); no matter how the case evolves, your case remains in good hands.

The comments below have been written by actual international clients.

Case type: Properties sale / Swiss Banking
Value range: >600.000 euros
Dr. E.F. (Mumbai, India), wrote:

I am delighted to report that the services I have received from the Dimitriou Law Office have always been of the highest quality. Their every action in handling my affairs has been marked by professionalism, competence, speed, and excellent problem-solving skills in the face of bureaucratic obstacles that in Greece are known to reach nightmarish proportions. They were always guided by my interests, kept me posted on their every move, offered their counsel whenever I needed it, and brought every aspect of my case to its successful completion.

I was particularly impressed by the friendliness of their service, which exceeded all my expectations. Although I did not know Mr. Dimitris Dimitriou or any of his partners amd associates before contacting them last year, I was treated from the outset like a close and trusted friend. Never did I imagine that, after being away from Greece for almost 25 years, I would make friends by contacting a law office for the purpose of handling property matters, but this is precisely what has happened. I highly recommend the Dimitriou Law Office to everybody who needs legal representation in Greece, it's the only way to go!

Case type: International Funds Collection (Forced Execution)
Value range: >75.000 euros
R. R. (L.A., USA / Israel), wrote:
Dear dimitriou family, it is more than welcome 2 feedback and have my appreciation 2 you and your efforts to represent me.
although i never saw you personally we have the best comunication with each other almost 8 months.
you advised me how to cooperate and handle a collection case in greece and i am satisfied till now with the way you handle it.
after i have interviewd some attorneys in greece, you are the one that have understanding and have the abilities to workout with the client who needs you.
good are the man of the year.........
rafael ( rafi) raz

Case type: Personal status / foreigner's law
Value range: n/a
E.D. (Russia/Japan), wrote:
We are thankful for all your professional and timely assistance. It’s obvious that you do you work with a sparkle and sincere desire to help which is a very valuable quality for a lawyer these days. Your professional qualification, promptitude and dedication make you a very reliable partner to work with. We're now waiting for the results for our case but I am pretty sure we found a trustworthy companion to deal with in future. Best regards and hope to see you this year, Evghenia Diamantidi.

Case type: Inheritance
Value range: >60.000 euros
E.S. (Sydney, Australia), wrote:
In my opinion the Dimitriou Law firm is very effective in meeting its clients needs. In my case i'am chasing up an inheritance matter in Athens from Australia, the law firm was extremely helpful and well organized i received an immediate response via email and i learnt more about my case in 1 day then i did in 6 months. Lets just say i was no longer in the dark, these people are well-organised and in contrast with many other businesses/law firms in Greece they think and operate internationally.
My case is tough and ongoing but now i have an idea of were i'am and i can see light at the end of the tunnel.
I personally had the honour of meeting one of the lawyers of the firm, he is dynamic, blunt and well organized. I recommend this to all abroad who will be facing or who are facing legal battles in Greece.